What it takes to Become a Very Influential Person

Very Influential Person 2-day LIVE Event

Mar 3-5, 2016

No-nonsense. Lots of information.

1.  Effective Authenticity: Have a content marketing system that sells without hype and stays true to your values and beliefs
2.  Clarity:  on what will sell on your site and what will compel people to engage
3.  Focused Plan : a plan to turn around the guesswork, frustrations, roller coaster results and income & disappointments into concrete success
4.  Confidence: Turn around the long term suffering and struggle into strategies and tactics that make sense and drive results
5.  Lifestyle and Purpose: Create a content marketing system that can drive a healthy and successful lifestyle for yourself and your family
6.  Uplevel the Connection and Engagement with your audience: How to do this without burning out in one year

Learn the following:
1.  Strategies that work with case studies to get you the results you desire
2.  Strategies & tactics that will put you at risk and that you should avoid
3.  Habits and practices to inculcate for business, time management, sales and content marketing to produce

Be a Very Influential Person!

Start this weekend.


Very Influential Person Seminar


$147 – Fully Refundable*

*You must attend the entire event to collect your refund.