Bill Belew, Social Media, Content Marketing Expert (sounds funny writing about myself in the 3rd person) aka spent nearly 20 years in Asia after serving Uncle Sam (US Navy) in the Far East.

All about The Traffic Professor

It is from that experience that he gained an interest in all things Asian, specifically Japan, China, Russia and India.

PanAsianBiz came first, then RisingSunOfNihon followed by TheBizOfKnowledge, then Greenpacks.

Those undertakings eventually led to the establishment of the CosmoFairNetwork.

He also wrote:

Christian Worldview Examiner
International Sports Examiner
India Headlines Examiner
Blogosphere Buzz Examiner
Smartphones Examiner
Blogging Examiner

Bill has taken 9 10 dozens of different topics to more than 1 million views EACH. Bill knows the principles that work across the board for generating legitimate web traffic.

The image on this page as well as most every other image that shows up at this blog was painted/drawn or composed by his son, Benjamin.

Bill’s other son, Micah, is wowing scientists at UC Davis.

And his little 3-year old, Mia, is ruling the world and telling people what it’s like to grow up By Cows Who Chew Lilies (biculturally) at

See  By Cows Who Chew Lilies – Picture Book

Contact info – (please don’t stalk me)

111 W. Arques Ave.

Sunnyvale, CA 94085 (the heart of Silicon Valley)

email me

  1. jeff herring

    Hi Wil – Great workshop. I’m very interested in learning more and working with you as a consultant. I have numerous questions about how to proceed, too long to type out here. Can we arrange a phone chat or meeting? If you email me direct I will give you my phone #, or I can call you at your convenience. I’m really ready to get started! -thanks – jeff

  2. rick crawford

    Hi Bill,
    Do you ever hire people to write articles for you? I would be interested in writing for you or others. Let me know. You may not remember me, but I have come to some of your seminars.


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