I have a year-long training program that you must apply for to be accepted. We do NOT take all comers. It’s too crowded and the people who don’t do the work (thanks, but no thanks for the money) drag down those who do the work.

Read the following invitation from my partner, Sunil.

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You must pass the strategy session to be invited to the year-long program.

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My name is Sunil Bhaskaran and since 1991, I have mentored and coached thousands of business professionals to breakthrough success levels which include:

Sunil Bhasakaran, Mentor, Coach

Sunil Bhaskaran, Mentor, Coach

  • 6 to 7-figure incomes
  • free or more flexible time schedule
  • a quality of life that is priceless.

I am a published author on Amazon with two books and I speak internationally on success and breakthrough level business performance.

I work with Bill Belew (read about him here on his site) because we believe that both of us can truly transform how business people are trained to become influencers = effectively spread their good and useful information to masses of relevant people.

We have all seen that Bill’s process works (it’s why you are here on this page now, right?).

Bill Belew, Influencer, Thought Leader

Bill Belew, Influencer, Thought Leader

Bill’s Meetup audience (all of them in the Bay Area of Silicon Valley alone!) reaches more than 8,000 people just like you. My Meetup network (also in the Bay Area of Silicon Valley) exceeds 7,500 more people, again, just like you.

Our Meetup audience is actively growing at more than 1 new person per hour! Over 800 new people EACH month. My own personal connections reaches over 20,000 people – mostly business owners and professionals. Bill stopped counting long ago.

People just like you want to become a NEW VIP = Very Influential Person in their field, work, career or business. People like YOU deserve to be a V. I. P.

If only someone would tell you:

  1. what to do in a no-nonsense way
  2. where to start
  3. were given very practical step-by-step directions in a manageable way
  4. were guided and held accountable along the way
  5. how to get measurable results.

To get started on your road to becoming a VIP, please fill in this form and press the button below. 

Very very very few do the work. Until now. Let’s change that for you.

Bill and I are committed to making this process easy to understand and follow in a program that we have created called the Influencer Academy.

This program is step-by-step and will take you to clearly established and desired goals within a year.

It is not for everyone but it may be for you. The program requires commitment on your part. The program is for people who want to attain success and are willing to work smart and hard for it.

Sign up below for the session and one of us (Sunil or Bill) will help you get a detailed plan and strategy to connect the dots between where you are and the fulfillment of your ambitions, dreams and goals.

You can become a  NEW V.I.P. (Very Influential Person).

One of us will go over how to take you, your personal traits, circumstances and needs and turn you and your expertise into a very influential person.

To get started on your road to becoming a VIP, please fill in this form and press the button below.