I am a Christian and I take my faith very seriously.

I love my family.

My wife is Samantha she is the balance in my life and boy does she have her work cut out for her.

My older son is The 4th B – Beethoven, Bach, Brahms and Belew. Seriously. You should hear him play and see him paint.

My younger son is getting his PhD in molecular exercise physiology in his 2nd language!! Try that if you think something is hard.

And my daughter makes princesses at Disneyland step back when she walks by. She blogs, too at Miamei.com.

Beauty and the Beast

If she stays with it, her blog will pay for her to go to college.

I travel the world, speaking on cruise ships – Caribbean, Asia, Europe, Africa! you name it.

And you can see my more in-depth articles at my LinkedIn Publishing Platform.

Let me help you reach your online goals.

I can talk to you, teach you how to do it yourself or do it for you.

Hit the button.  You know you want to.


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