Here is how you can check availability, fees, and to see if Bill is a fit for your group.  A form is provided below for your convenience.  We would love to hear from you, and are really fast at getting back to you.  Super fast, actually.

Bill has spoken to groups all over the US – NYC, Orlando, Houston, Vegas, LA, SF Bay Area, and more. Bill has spoken internationally to groups in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Russia, Manila and Japan. And now he is headed to Shanghai!

He can deliver the goods.

21st Century Content Marketer

Content Marketing Expert, Bill Belew

Bill can talk:

1. Marketing with Social Media

2. Motivating marketers to perform and excel.

3. Case studies in successful content, inbound and social media marketing.

4. Platform building for authors, speakers, start ups and new entrepreneurs.

5. Market research for small businesses.

6. How to create talks to get a cruise ship lecturing gig.

7. How to cruise the world for free and take along someone with you.

8. How to create a perfect 10 presentation.

9. How to be more creative in your lecture and seminar presentations.
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