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August 2014

10 Lessons I never Learned in Blogging/Content Marketing School

Content Marketing - HELP WANTED

Blogging/Content Marketing School

If you are like me, you learn lessons too late in life, far after the fact.

Can’t somebody teach us, make me want to learn BEFORE the fact?

10 Lessons I never learned in Blogging / Content Marketing School

How to …

  1. react when no one likes something I think is great….and do like something I thought was mediocre at best….
  2. tell the difference between blogburst, blognoodle, blogeverafter, blogbubble and everything else that starts or ends with blog….
  3. keep from being obsessed with reads/visits/views/site meters/alexa/technorati and such and just write….
  4. stop seeing a blog topic in everything – tv commercials, the funny papers, a magazine in the doctor’s office, the gym, a restaurant menu, a t-shirt….Help me, they are everywhere!
  5. think of good catchy titles that search engines will also pick up ..Microsoft Changes Name to McSoft after Buying Out McDonalds….
  6. not wake up in the middle of the night thinking about something I want to write or something I have written…
  7. react when people start yelling at me in forums in other languages…or even in my own language for that matter!
  8. handle the ego stroking when a blog post starts catching on…..and the dejection when I realize it wasn’t catching on after all….
  9. keep from driving my friends nuts with the line “I just wrote a blog about….”
  10. how to keep writing when:the weather is always perfect outside (I live in Silicon Valley and the weather is almost always perfect), the music is too loud, the music is too soft, the people sitting next to me are talking about her affair, the girl over there is practicing for an audition…in short, when life is happening all around me….

What didn’t they teach you in blogging school?

Contact me and I will school you. You know you want to.


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