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September 2011

2 questions I want asked instead of how to create a blog

How to get web traffic and make money on your blog

Wilby getting web traffic and making money from his blog

I just finished two posts related to how to create a blog.

1. How to create a blog – a tutorial


2. 5 questions a problogger is not afraid of when creating a blog.

I promised in the second post I would pose two questions I’d rather  be asked of every blogger: wannabes, was, is, or hoping to make money at bloggers instead of just “how to create a blog.”

I wish everyone, anyone would come to me with a blog in hand, er, online, and ask

1. “Bill, can you teach me how to get traffic to my blog?”

2. “Bill, can you teach me how to make money blogging?”

Getting web traffic is what this problogger knows how to do best. Check out the traffic professor to get started on that. It’s a 45-minute free webinar-vide0 thingy (technical word).

Making money (not hand over fist, but enough to pay my Silicon Valley mortgage) is what I know how to do.

Check out this 50 post series on How to blog for money to get started.

These two things , getting web traffic and making money are the things I can teach as well.

Oh, and if you’re having trouble creating your blog even after watching the tutorial and the webinar and reading my blog for money series, please give me a call and I will gladly work with you.

You can contact me after/before checking out my blog consulting rates.

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