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March 2011

4 keys to good AdSense placement on your blog

Google Ad sense

Google Ad sense

Last week, 3 Google teams came to present at a Meetup I organized:  AdSense, Blogger and Policy.

Lots of information was shared…nothing earth shattering and nothing that can’t be found by viewing Google policies.  Still, it was refreshing and personal for Google to send real people to answer real questions from real users.


Here is one, or 4 nuggets.

The keys to good AdSense placement. Ads should be

1.  Above the fold = make the ad visible without scrolling down
2.  Near or embedded in your content – readers need to pass it or read it.
3.  Near navigational aids – readers may be looking for what AdSense offers
4. After articles on article-based sites – readers might wonder what else to look at once they are done reading
Try it and my bet is your AdSense revenue will increase…provided you have traffic to support the ads.
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