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September 2011

4 steps to be a successful travel blogger

One wonders what it takes to be a successful travel blogger.

Some wonder what it takes to be a successful blogger in any niche.

Famous Travel Bloggers Share Unique Findings

Travel blogger Wilby discovers traveling light

Problogger Wilby knows the answer…what it takes to be a good travel blogger, what it takes to be a successful (choose your niche) blogger.

1. Experience counts. Lots of bloggers what to claim authority in their chosen niche when in truth they just read and regurgitate stuff from elsewhere on the net. A real travel blogger has experience. NomadicMatt is a good example of an experienced travel blogger. He has a good following but could use some SEO help.

2. Sitting in a chair counts. It’s one thing to have the know how and another thing to pull that know how from your brain’s hard drive to your fingertips and on to the keyboard. Sooner or later the successful travel blogger has to face the keyboard.

3. Hitting publish again and again and again counts. The more a travel blogger writes, the more any niche blogger writes= hits the publish button, the more opportunities there are to be found on the Web. Pretty fundamental but you’d be surprised how many bloggers wonder why their 20 posts or even 200 posts/pages don’t get read. I have more than 25,000 in my archives. Snowboarding Skier is a travel blogger who writes daily. He could use some SEO pointers, too.

4. Writing quality SEO posts counts. Posts need to be written well. A travel blogger who wants to be read needs to know SEO basics. Well = appealing to the reader and the Search Engines at the same time.  I can teach you how….after you all you found this post, right? Here’s a link to a seminar on timeless SEO Strategies.

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