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May 2016

5 qualities to look for in a good Content Marketing consultant


These days it is not all that difficult to find a Content Marketing ‘expert’. And to be sure, not a few of them know what they are talking about.

There are not a few folk who can tell you all sorts of good things about content marketing / blogging grown up:

  • the best plug-ins
  • the best analytic tools
  • the very best place to get templates
  • how to optimize them.

These folk even know quite well about keywords and good title structure and the like and can use words like SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

But they have not done it themselves. They just know how.

It reminds me of a teacher who worked for me in Japan. He knew how to do most everything…because he had read how to in a book. But he had nothing to show for himself.

What makes a good content marketing consultant? Who do you listen to when it comes to creating good content that does your marketing for you?

5 qualities of a good content marketer

1. A good content marketing consultant has put in his/her time.

Ask your consultant how many posts they have written. And how many of those posts have received how many views? What has s/he tried that did NOT work? I have published more than 12,000 posts. I have a couple of thousand articles/posts that have received more than 1000 views each. I have some others I am embarrassed about.

Content Marketing Consultant

Content Marketing Consultant

2. A good content marketing consultant knows how to get readers.

My very first month of blogging – March ’06, I got 2,209 page views. The second month 4,595 views. Months later my network of blogs got 1.3 million views, down a bit from December’s total of 1.6 million. As of Feb ’14 – 90.6 million total. Can your content marketing consultant say they have practiced what they preached and it worked? I can.

3. A good content marketing consultant has been through the best of times and worst of times.

I started blogging for the KnowMoreMedia blog network in March of ’06. I was with KMM till they peaked out at about 2 million views monthly at which time they fell out of love with Google and slowly died off. I wrote a lot for a lot, I have also written a lot for nothing. Ad revenues have been quite pitiful of late, but not as bad as they once were. Even so, I kept writing away.

My philosophy – when times are good I’d better work hard. When times are bad, I’d better work hard. Then when good times come back I’ll be ahead of the crowd.

4. A good content marketing consultant can apply his/her principles across topics.

I have taken 8 too many to count different topics to above 1 million views EACH. A couple to more than 2 million and a couple more to over 4 million views … EACH. India, China, Japan, Education, Christian, Cricket, Environment and Bollywood. Some marketers know what works for them, their blog and their niche, but do they know what works across the various topics. I do.

5. A good content marketing consultant will be there when you need them. Here is my contact info. I am in my 9th year as a content marketer/blogger, paying my sizable Silicon Valley mortgage with my revenue that my sites generate for me. If you are in the area, you are welcome to come by. I’ll be there.

Make me your content marketing consultant. You know you want to.


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