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Blog title is important

I got a notification tone from my cellphone. In fact, it’s an announcement about this week  6th Week Guest Post assignment from Prof.Belew.

I opened my opera mini browser. I clicked on the link in LMS portal. I checked with Prof. Belew’s website about the latest post that discuss about 4 Ways to Create Better Title ForYour Blog Post.

Now what?  I think I know the reason why most of my blog posts that I published  at Natural Health Care Reviews were not searchable in search engine.  It does not mean they ARE NOT searchable AT ALL but only a few of my posts were searched by visitor thru search engine.

1. Do you know Mumps can Cause Sterility in Men?

2. Discover Practical Remedies for Bell’s Palsy

3. What food can help to relieve anxiety

I know my main keyword of Natural Health Care Reviews has the most searches.

I realized that most of my blog titles may need to be optimized and corrected in order to get better ranking and searchable. I must make sure my blog titles meet this requirement: searchable  keywords must be included in blog title.

How cool is this Blog Title? Will you click this title post? Picture Source:

In response to the today assignment, I opened Google Chrome browser, I typed a few keywords found search and found from internet, and I found that these blog titles are interesting and draw my attention.

1) Top ten natural remedies that burn fat . When I typed the keywords” Natural Remedies” at Google Blogsearch, it returned the link listed on the first place.  This is a short and concise and right-to-the-point title because a short punchy title is effective than the long title. The reason is because  people might lose interest quickly if the title is long and complicated.  To better revise my title, I will change my blog title to from The Importance of having Good Sleep to Secrets Revealed: How to fix sleep problems

2)Seven Ways to Get a Better Nights Sleep – EYLA. One of my classmate has written a guest post for me on my website. And I would like to see what would be the top rank for the long tail keyword “How To Get a Better Night’s Sleep “.  I can see that from the result that showed on the SERPs, the keyword incorporated in the blog title that can help to boost the Search Engine Optimization ranking.

3) How To Take Care of your Lips in winter | 99healthtips . No doubt this title is a great actionable title. Again, when I enter keyword search at Google.  This title listed on the top of the page. Meaning that the reader will be taught about how to take care of their lips

4) The Confessions Of A Spirit Squad Member. When I browsed some titles on, I found this intriguing title. Apparently this title has drawn my attention  because it sounds interesting. People will feel a little bit mystery what is it all about – the word “Confession” itself. If we add some sort of mystery in our blog title, we must do it right. Although this type of title can draw more traffic but we must make sure when the readers read our contents. They will at least learn something.

5) 15 Beautiful Reasons to Make Your Content Marketing More Visual .  I found this title thru Google search by typing “Make content marketing more visual.  By simply scanning at the title itself, immediately it gives me an impression that the author of this page knows something about how the author can help me to make my page more visual. In order words, the blog title clearly communicates with the reader that what the blog articles is about.

Revise your dull blog title to captivated one!

Revise your dull blog title to captivated one!

I realize that not only we need to write good quality of content for our blog post, but optimized blog title also determine the successful impact on our marketing efforts.

This is something  that we ignore the importance of captivating and intriguing blog title easily. Not only we need to use captivating title for human readability and eye  catching but also satisfying search engines for SEO strategy. Selecting good blog title that meet both aspects are not easy.

Something that we should remember by the time we finish writing our post, do not forget to invest more time to craft the best blog title of your post. I believe by mastering the art of blog titles that can bring more visitors to my site and ultimately generate more sales and leads.

I am still learning the arts of crafting the blog title….Will see then what would happen….

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