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September 2014

Business Blogging as a Content Marketing Strategy – tip #10 – free or paid hosting?


Wilby Uses Self-hosting

Blogging for money tip # 10 addresses whether or not a blogger should use free or paid hosting.

A LOT of bloggers get their feet wet on free WordPress version. Or some other such animal.

Self-host your Website

You can’t make money on the free WordPress version. Nor should you be able to. Why should the likes of WordPress provide anyone a place to earn money? and for free? Would you?

You can start out on the free version until you get traffic then make the switch to paid hosting. This is for the really cheap, um, frugal person. Indeed it does make sense.

When it comes to paid hosting, no one service is any better than any other.

I started out with GoDaddy and many of my smaller sites still remain there.  My larger sites are on dedicated servers.

I recommend . This is me and I resell another very large provider with excellent customer service.

I like it because when I have trouble a little girl or boy will actually answer the phone and talk with me until I get my problem resolved.

If you can find a better service, go with them. But don’t agonize and don’t shop around till you can’t decide. Pick one and make it work.

Another advantage to paid hosting is that you have more flexibility with your in, you cant see particulars in sitemeter on a free WordPress blog, but you can if it is on a paid server.

The best and cheapest place to get a domain and hosting –

The old axiom – you have to spend money to make money. Spring for your own domain name and paid hosting – about $10/month in the beginning.

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