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July 2015

How to build an online blog network…now

Shut up and blog instructions

1.    Find the blog post (at the top) “Shut up and blog while building your network, now – Meetup 11/23.”

In that post you will find the key phrases that other bloggers/web site owners here will want you to link to and the URL they want you to use.

Example –

Phrase –                                     – link
blog for money

The phrase blog for money should be hyperlinked as it is in this sentence.

2.    Find a common thread that links all the phrases on the list at the BillBelew post to your blog/web site topic.

3.    Write a post that includes all or as many phrases as possible.

If necessary, create two or more posts by grouping thoughts until you use all the phrases.

Here is an example of a post about Japan that does it well.

Japan Highlights – Japan Blog Matsuri

4.    Now, shut up and blog.

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