How to stay motivated to blogging – Weekly Update #3

Well, this is a very interested topic to talk about. My website talks about market research services. The

reason why have chosen this topic is because i am a market research professional. I have ever desired that i would utilize my professional expertise to start my own market research consulting 5-6 years down the line. The topics which i select for posting on my website is generally related to the actual market research services i have actually done during my career.  I am very fond of market research and i am always motivated to write something which i have actually done. I like reading whats going on in the market, market trends, current economy, stock market, suppliers analysis, branding etc. I am a voracious reader who spends at least 4-5 hrs daily on the internet.

What motivates me everyday when i get up from my bed and think about posting on my blog is my passion to know whats happening in the market. The first thing which i do when i get up in the morning with morning tea is open up Google alerts i have set for my market research information.  I start my day reading for almost 1-2 hours in the morning  do some research and post them on my website. Along with the news in the market, there are also projects which i am conducting for a non profit organization. I update the project information  too into my website.  Although i have a busy day, i am working for a non profit organization, i am searching job, my household work, family life etc , still i am very happy and glad to utilize my knowledge in such a wonderful way. When everyday i get up and see the comments of my friends in my posts, i get relay motivated. Sometimes i don’t believe,. that i am actually going on the path of a professional blogger. I imagine someday i can start making money out of it.


When i attended the class of Marketing with Social Media by the Traffic Professor Bill Belew, little was i aware about blogging and the

Marketing with Social Media, wriite by Dr. Bill Belew

Marketing with Social Media, wriite by Dr. Bill Belew

social media world. After the class i was so inspired by the very talented and infectious professor, that whenever i write a post, i put my 100% into it. His class is so inspirational that it can make even the laziest person get up and start writing. The book written by him “Marketing with Social Media” also throws light on benefits of blogging and how much money one can make out of it.  In the coming week, i plan to include some real life market research projects i have covered for different industries.  I keep a track about the market and i am interested in writing about the same subject. I realkly hope to see my website grow day by day with maximum traffic.


  1. Hi Bill,

    It’s great to see someone else has the writing bug since I noticed you wrote this as 3 am!!

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