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August 2015

Learning good SEO blogging techniques in San Jose

I am sitting in a hotel meeting room in Santa Clara, just outside of San Jose (Yes, I know the way), in the very heart of Silicon Valley, USA.

Wilby blogging in San Jose

Google is just up the street from me. Yahoo is, too if I turn right along the way. And Apple is a left turn and 3 miles. Facebook is about 10 miles away.

We are in the middle of a Blogging + Marketing Bootcamp and behind me are a baker’s dozen number of bloggers who have it in mind to make a difference in their world.

Fundamental to that aspiration is writing stuff that can be found. Writing stuff that is SEO friendly withOUT trying to game the search engines.

We have learned what a blogger needs to bring to the table in terms of character. We have also learned how long it takes to build a good presence on the Web.

Now we are practicing creating a good high quality Search Engine friendly post.

We will include good elements such as a relevant image, with caption. Specific titles and posts well placed in categories that match up cleanly with the tagline of the blog site.

Quality external and internal links are essential to the credibility of a site and  the latter help the site increase the page views overall if/when readers click through.

Learning the good SEO blogging techniques from the getgo will put the blogger miles ahead in the long run. As for me, I spent the first 1.5 years muddling through and muddying up the web.

Those sitting behind me will not.

Watch out. They will make a difference.

Here’s who they are (in order of the papers I find in my pocket 😎 )

Jim Gay writing at Lifeschooling.

Ron Usher at AthleticSkillsForSoccer.

Tyler Martin at FinancialWisdom101.

Afzal at AfzalSyed.

There were a LOT of others in the group who have yet to pass their website addresses. When/if I get them, I will list them up here.

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