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January 2016

Ongoing free Meetup – Shut up and blog with problogger Bill Belew

Every Wednesday (almost) I (Bill Belew) am sitting at Panera Bread in Sunnyvale blogging.

Problogger Wilby blogging at Panera

I blog other days but on this day, I welcome other bloggers to come join me, sit, be quiet and blog.

The purpose – to hang out with other bloggers. Ask (quietly) “What do you blog about?” and create back links to one another’s blog if/when a connection can be found. Or just write away at your own blog.

No frills, no lecturing, no going on and on by me. Just blogging and networking.

Come and go as you please. But as for me, I am usually here by 9am and will stay around till at least noon, usually longer.

Bring your laptop. Panera has free wi-fi.

Go here to register or just show up. I’ll be here either way.

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