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September 2015

Serious blogging and network building

I am sitting in a room with more than a baker’s dozen other bloggers who are serious about getting traffic to their sites.

Me included.

Of course the key to getting traffic to a blog post or a key phrase that is important to the blogger and the focus or theme of a blog is to find other people who think enough of that phrase and the site to link to it at their site.

These are backlinks or trackbacks by another name.

Following are the sites and key phrases of the people I am hanging out with.

Me, I blog for money. By that I mean I do this for a living.

Rik asks the question why blog in the first place?

Tom doesn’t blog for money but he stands by to give advice about hard money in California.

Motoko and Jason have a common thread in their blogs. Jason writes about how to cleanse for life and Motoko who is older and wiser? tries to head off the need to do so by giving advice about healthy cooking.

Elena may or may not be the product of an arranged marriage and Adam might want her to know there are plenty of partners to be found were she to drop by t national finals rodeo. And when the marriage happens, to be sure, one or both of the married dudes will be looking to Kevin for remodeling ideas at some time or another.

Dave is a man after my own heart, writing about China in particular at MyChinaConnection and doing a fine job at that. Idioms is his forte and the one that he likes tonight is turn a blind eye.

The phrase comes in handy tonight because I need to change my password and Clyde is ready to give tips on how.

Question – Did I stretch it? Or is it true that everything has to do with everything. Or at least partially so.

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