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April 2015

Switching from a long versus short blog post strategy – 3 Questions and Answers

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So last night I sat and decided that from now on going forward, I am going to write several shorter posts rather than fewer longer posts

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The reason for this shift in my strategy is simple. I am not getting quicker results. And since this is the part of experiment with social media that we are taking as a class, I am going to change the variables in the equation to see if I am getting it right or not this time.

So now that my basic strategy has been defined, time to dive into the specifics.

Question: Where am I going to get the content ideas?

Answer: Well, for me that is simple. During the Q&A discussion on weekend, we discussed several questions that were put by my classmates. Since all of those are related to blogging and can be really helpful tips for new bloggers, I have decided to take up one question per post and work on that.

Question: Is it going to fulfill my required quota?

Answer: If I work on this blogging strategy correctly, yes, it is going to be sufficient to cover up for the requirements of my class and actually give a kick start to my blog as well.

Three posts, 200-300 words, every day for the next three weeks. I am going to get there.

Question: Is it going to affect the quality of my blog?

Answer: For the first few weeks of blogging, I wondered if there was a trade off between quality and quantity when it comes to blogging. And I found out that for new bloggers, there is none. You have to give out quality as well as quantity. But since it is a blog and I am allowed to voice my opinions here, I am going to add that bit of a personal touch as well.Hopefully, it will not affect the quality of the content I put in here.

I am OK with not getting enough visitors, but I am not OK with providing useless material to my visitors just to meet my quota.

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Hey, I saw your image on Search engine journal for their post about ‘Which is better for content : Long, short or regular?’. I have no regrets that I visit your site. Keep it up! 😀

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