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May 2010

The Future of WordPress – Wordcamp 2010

I am sitting in San Francisco at the WordCamp 2010. First session – The Future of WordPress.

Trying the live blogging thing.

9:06 – I hope Scott Berkun makes a better impression with his presentation than he does with the language he uses.  No need to use 4 letter words to get a laugh. The F-word. Grow up!

Thomas Paine – the first blogger? Interesting.

9:10 – Gutenberg – the founder of the Internet? Wanted words to be free.

“How I will change the world” – I often think when I write – “Make a difference.”

3 elements for the future of WordPress

1. WordPress is the platform for revolution.

2. What happens before you die?

9:20…not learning anything here….

WordPress buttons are more…more…now up to 57!

Microsoft Word did more and more…and became too complicated. Is WordPress doing the same?

Designers will always change things even they say they won’t.

People will customize things if they can.

Plugins are the answer for the future….not.

Scott, “I want to write.” Bill, “Equals, he does NOT want to fiddle.”

WordPress has 9,373 plugins that have been downloaded 87,616, 269 times. Where is the quality control?

3.  WordPress will be safe and secure forever.

WordPress is the best platform for revolution, should be simple, powerful and safe…then comes complete world domination.

Me – wordpress is a tool not a platform. The writer still must put up content.

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