I write. Articles. Stories. Books.

Go to Who’s Bill Belew to see where I write online.

I have written books.

How Wilby Got 20 Million (people to read his blogs)

Gee, I Wish I Had Been Drinking At The Time

Even my daughter has a book published.

By Cows Who Chew Lilies: Mia Belew

And, recently I was approached by a publisher, (yeah, they came to me not me to them) about publishing some text books I wrote while in Japan.

And, I have a bunch of other stuff in the works.

Hmm… a tactic of the devil – if the Devil cannot stop you from doing good, he will give you so much good to do you cannot do anything right.

That might just be where I am right now. Time will tell.

But for now… I write books. And I am going to write more.