Using Google plus’ Hangout Feature for Your Business

    Google Plus, designed to be Google’s entry into the uber-competitive social media marketplace, was launched in 2011, and has quickly separated itself from the competition with a number of unique features, one of which is the Hangout. This nifty feature allows users to hold video conversations in real time. These conversations aren’t just…

What it takes to be a Video Game Problogger

One of the key characteristics of a problogger is, well, and this may be a ‘duh’ factor, but I say it because you’d be surprised at who writes about what under auspices of being the expert.

Example: I have seen some really big people giving diet advice.

Here’s an image of Wilby getting into character.

No contest, Mario Bros was one of the pioneers in video gaming.

I confess, I have NOT played a video game, and I will date myself here,

Blogging for Business: Organizing Your Blog Entry’s Content

    As I learn more and more about writing blogs for business and SEO purposes, the more overlap I see with the lessons I taught while working as a writing instructor, be it brainstorming ideas, or crafting great introductions. In this post, I want to talk about one of the most important aspects of…