Book a Social Media Expert for Your Event via Gig Salad

I think I had barely heard of Gig Salad. Then a friend, Sunil, told me how successful he has been using the service. So, I thought … what the hay. I’d give it a try. I have never been accused of thinking too deeply anyway.I think the word is impulsive. So, now I am on […]

5 Easy Steps To Create A Great Art Blog | How To

A lot of budding artists are turning to blogging these days. The reasons might vary – establishing an online presence, creating an art portfolio or even targeting traffic to the main website. Whatever might be your reason to get started with a blog, I think it is the right decision. Not only can a blog […]

6 Tips to Get Started With A Great Fashion Blog

Are you a fashionista – eating, sleeping, breathing fashion? Do you have an eye that sees what others often miss? Are your friends tired of hearing you talk about fashion non-stop? If you have answered Yes to the above questions, then you are an ideal candidate to be the newest fashion blogger on the block […]

How to Start A DIY Blog – 5 Tips & 4 Tricks That Will Make A Difference

Start a DIY Blog

A lot of creative minds are trying to make a difference for all of us budget conscious types when it comes to gifts and decorative ideas for our homes. With beautiful, creative gifts and tools that are easy to find, such DIY enthusiasts can definitely help people all across the globe with their niche blogs. […]

If Not the Keynote Speaker, then the Content of the Talk Will Be Fine

I do keynote speaking. Of course, not everyone can be the keynote speaker. Will Rogers said something to the effect, “Not everyone can be in the parade, someone has to sit on the side and clap.” Somebody has to sit in the crowd and listen. When I am not the keynote speaker, I can be […]

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