How Can You Help Your Business with Inbound Marketing?

    The idea of inbound marketing can be a little daunting.  Experienced and novice business owners alike need help utilizing its potential.  Bay Area Social media marketing knows this. Inbound marketing is a comprehensive approach, focusing on many different approaches and the redundancy between them.  Bay Area local SEO marketing starts with your SEO…

Google’s billion dollar windfall

The Google mama didn’t raise no fools.

That’s what I used to say about my mama whenever I hit upon a good idea and someone recognized it as so.

“My mama didn’t raise no fools,” we’d say.

By some estimate there are some 70+ million ‘active’ blogs. Active is defined as updated once a month.

Google adSense policy is to not pay until at least $100 is made at a blog/web site.

Another estimate is that 75% of blogs are abandoned after