Ongoing Free Meetup – For newbie and wannabe blog owners. 4 obstacles every beginner must overcome.

Regular attendees to my Meetups know that, I,  Bill Belew, have taken 9 topics to more than 1 million unique visitors EACH. I have categories on my blog sites that have that many unique visitors.

Yet, I think l have not forgotten what it is like to be a very beginner blogger. I recently created a blog for my 3-year old daughter who is now writing at

I also just recently gave Blogging Boot Camps in NYC and here in the Bay Area. Click to read some of the details.

Attendees to this Meetup should be prepared to go home with

Convert – A Marketing Technique

The most vital information you need to obtain from your potential customers are their email addresses. Visitors will not hand over their currency to you unless they are convinced that they will receive something in return. This could be more content, ebooks, whitepapers, a set of tips, or anything your “personas” deem valuable. These are…