Proof is in the numbers or I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

I have a lot of good people around me. People I love and trust and people who love and trust me.

I went out for dinner with one such person last night – Tanushka. Actually it was dessert, but that’s not the point. We enjoyed Turkish delights! But that’s not the point either.

We talked blogging and marketing and credibility and building trust and the like.

It’s important to me that people KNOW, or can SEE with their own eyes that I do what I say I do. I want people to trust me. Who doesn’t? I also want people to have confidence in me. To not just walk by faith but by sight.

Will Rogers says, “If you can do it, it ain’t bragging.”  I can do what I say I can. But, beyond that is being able to prove to folk that I do what I say I do,  I suppose.

I know a lot of people who say they can do something, but like the Jerry McGuire fellow, “Show me the money!” or the gal from Missouri, the “Show me!” state, sometimes we need proof, real tangible evidence.  A reply to show me.

Here is a screen shot I took just a few moments ago from one of my sites.

I wrote about this yesterday at How do you get 2,000,000 page views in 42 days at one site?

This image has the

Help wanted – writing a company blog

The unemployment rate is something like 9.1%…say the newspapers.

The actual rate is supposed to be more like 16+%.

Here in Silicon Valley, where I live, it is even higher. I know a LOT of people who are looking for work.

I have more work and more potential to earn income than I can possibly keep up with at the moment. Help!

I read a marketing report today.

One of the biggest buzz words in business these days is

3 reasons why a blog is a good for your book, business or product

I heard the phrase a while ago (and I believe it), any idiot can write a book, but it takes a genius to market it.

A corrollary to that, or at least a related thought… there are lots and lots of good products and business ideas…but what good are they if nobody knows about them?

The number one reason why businesses fail – the people running the company don’t