10 Types of Website Themes to Choose From

As we know that all businesses have different requirements. So, their website should also be unique. While choosing a suitable theme for your blog, consider 9 types of blog/ website themes to choose from: 1. Video blog theme is generally suitable for the advertisement companies or entertainment companies. They mostly have video content to share. 2. Photo blog theme is…

Wilby knows exam results

Here’s the newest in the Wil.by adventures.

Just over a month ago NowPublic asked me to write for them. In less than 40 days the site has accumlated 1,895,658 views (June 10, 2011 at 10:10am PST)

A very large portion of those visits were students searching for the results of exams they had taken. My team and I searched for where those results could be found and posted it for them.

This prompted me to have an Exam Wilby created to capture the experience of the student

– study – look – celebrate!

Cool, eh?

I think so.

Check out my alter ego in his