High Quality Content Marketing With The SEO Advantage

Bay Area local SEO marketing teaches how to apply SEO to content marketing.  The ideas are so mutually beneficial it is hard to imagine people still not using them together, but it happens.  Content marketers need only to begin utilizing keywords in articles,blog titles, webpage titles, etc.  Bay Area social media marketing recognizes the value…

Build a blog network now meetup

This is for readers in the Bay Area of San Jose.

There’s a meetup coming.
Here’s the skinny –
Got blog?

Do you know other bloggers – virtually or otherwise? Are you in a network? Do you want to be in a network? The answer to that last question is, “Yes, you do”

At this meetup I will discuss very briefly –

1. Why you want your blog to be part of a network.
2. How to create a network


3. We will build a network, right there, right then…at least for those who bring a laptop and their blog domain and login info.

Here’s the plan of attack:

The Consequences of Failing to Integrate Social Media into Your Marketing Plan

    The rise of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn has opened the door for businesses to market their products and services to an incredibly large demographic. It isn’t just websites. Numerous small businesses have used apps such as Instagram to market their products. So the question is: if you aren’t implementing social media…