Increase Digital Footsteps on Your Blog

People all around the world have reached out across cyberspace and made contact with each other. Texts, emails, Twitter, Facebook and other applications are all used in record numbers. Strangers are sending messages out either in the form of online posts, hoping to hear back from other people, preferably intelligent. But what next? You have…

How much traffic is needed to earn money from AdSense? Possible income? – Meetup

These are two questions I get asked a LOT.

1.  How much traffic is needed to earn money from AdSense?

2.  And what are the possibilites for income?

I’ll answer that question here (sorry, if you came looking for it now) but only after the Meetup that is happening in Palo Alto, CA. For those who don’t know Palo Alto is home to Stanford and Facebook and neighbors Mountain View which is home to Google.

3 ways to become a famous blogger

I have  heard there are 2 ways to become a famous blogger

1. Become famous. Then create a blog.

2. Create a blog. Then become famous.

As Yoda might say, “there is another.”

There is a third way.

q.  Write a lot about your topic of choice.

2.  Write well = good quality posts.

3.. Write consistently – hourly, daily, monthly or whatever works for you.

4.  Write for a long time.

Too often a writer will give up before their topic catches on.

If you do those four things you can create a sort of celebrity status. That is, you can get enough readers that you will have exposed yourself to the web literally a million times, or more.