Google Updates That Can Ruin Your Blog

If you are wondering what has happened to your blog suddenly that you dropped all the traffic and earnings, then read on. There are certain Google updates that can completely ruin your blog. Learn about these updates with us in this article. Exact Match Domain or EMD is the top most Google update affecting many blogs these days. Through this update, Google can match domain names that are exactly same in…

Where can a blogger find alternatives to AdSense?

Most bloggers think AdSense is the only option they have to make money from their blogs. That and Amazon affiliate marketing. would have you think so, they are the only ads that can be placed on the Google blog platform.

Blogs built on WordPress, however, have a lot of options, not to mention other ad providers from other countries as well as in-text ads and the ability to place specific products of the blogger’s choice on the site and tap into other affiliate markets. There are also text link ads and and….

Some bloggers might be lucky enough to receive solicitations to have products placed on their sites. Others…well they will forever think that AdSense is the only choice. AdSense is a good choice. Just not the only one.

So where can a blogger find other options?