Wilby knows exam results

Here’s the newest in the Wil.by adventures.

Just over a month ago NowPublic asked me to write for them. In less than 40 days the site has accumlated 1,895,658 views (June 10, 2011 at 10:10am PST)

A very large portion of those visits were students searching for the results of exams they had taken. My team and I searched for where those results could be found and posted it for them.

This prompted me to have an Exam Wilby created to capture the experience of the student

– study – look – celebrate!

Cool, eh?

I think so.

Check out my alter ego in his

3 ways to become a famous blogger

I have  heard there are 2 ways to become a famous blogger

1. Become famous. Then create a blog.

2. Create a blog. Then become famous.

As Yoda might say, “there is another.”

There is a third way.

q.  Write a lot about your topic of choice.

2.  Write well = good quality posts.

3.. Write consistently – hourly, daily, monthly or whatever works for you.

4.  Write for a long time.

Too often a writer will give up before their topic catches on.

If you do those four things you can create a sort of celebrity status. That is, you can get enough readers that you will have exposed yourself to the web literally a million times, or more.