Case Study – Social Media ROI vs SEO ROI – A Perfect World and A Picture Perfect Scenario

    So I did decide to break the ice with a debate that has been doing its rounds in the content marketing world with regards to Return of investment. This has been a much debated topic when it comes to comparing Social media ROI vs. Search engine optimization ROI. Does social media marketing make a…

adWeb 3.0 on privacy versus consumer data tracking

adWeb 3.0 San Francisco is happening now – April 11, 9:30am.

Fran Maier of TRUSTe is discussing the pros and cons of an issue that many people aren’t even aware of. Unfortunately, the keynote speaker, Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack, (R-CA) couldn’t make it.

When people hear that their privacy might be invaded the immediate response is “No, run for the hills you evil prying twits.”

However, advertisers like when they have consumer data which can only be