Linkbaits – Creative Inbound Marketing Strategy

A linkbait content is a content marketing strategy that has a very specific aim – to catch a reader’s eye and to capture backlinks. Links have always played an important role in SEO but with linkbait, you actually get to go a step ahead and create a content piece that not only attracts links from […]

Guest Blog To Generate Backlinks

Guest blogging is becoming increasingly popular as a social media marketing trick that not only helps you get a fan following for yourself but also helps you get backlinks for your website. Backlinks have always been important from SEO point of view, since they act as reccomendations for your websites and are important ranking parameters. […]

Are blog titles important? | How important| By Nazuk Jain

Make your Blog titles explanatory

Hello reader! This week Prof. Bill has given us an assignment to create better titles for our blog posts. Question people like me (non- blogger/ beginners) would normally ask is why are titles so important. What if I post a title like - Almonds- The king of Nuts! - will this work? It may not because I haven’t […]

How to create a better blog title for our World of Mechatronics blog

Hello Everyone, So now we are good enough to write the blogs on our sites and other’s site. We know that by writing the blog only we can get profits and rewards. But writing blogs is not sufficient for us to get more traffic on our sites. If we know “How to write the blogs?”, […]

2 Mini-series in March on How to Improve Your Blog’s Performance with Bill Belew

Improve your blog's performance

There are 2 mini-series happening this month that can increase the effectiveness of your blog. One is in-person at the regular Meetup location in Palo Alto every Monday night. The 4 topics in this series are: March 4th: 5 ways to get legitimate back links to your site and why you should March 11th: 5 […]

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