Google told me 3 times last week – the most important factor for good SEO

The Google folk told me 3 times last week what the single most (not ONLY) most important factor for good SEO, ( Search Engine Optimization) is.

A Google AdSense Teams and a Blogger Team came to a Meetup that I organized

I live in Silicon Valley and just 1.5 miles to the north of me is Yahoo, 3 miles to the west is Google and 2.5 miles to the south is Apple among other Silicon Valley gaints.

I host Meetups where I teach people how to blog and what they might be able to get out of being a successful blogger = getting read by interested readers and NOT just getting found.

I recently hosted a Meetup – Google Blogger and AdSense Team to present/do Q & A for serious users- 2 days.

The Google Teams came out of the Google Multiplex located at

Top 5 ways to generate passive income from your blog

One of my friends is traveling around the world without any work or worry. He is getting all the funds from a blog that he created months ago. So, are you eager to know how is he earning without any work? Learn the top 5 ways to generate passive income from your blog. One can create an affiliate program to sell a product on a blog. This way, a product is promoted through…