The Traffic Professor, Bill Belew, speaks at High Desert Branch of California Writers Club

The Traffic Professor will be speaking at the High Desert Branch of the California Writers Club (scroll down) on October 8th, 2011. If you live in/near the area, please come out to meet me, ask questions, learn more about blogging, platform building or to just chill. My topic is Blogging as a platform for writers, still…

5+ Timeless SEO Strategies to increase blog traffic- WEBINAR

I am offering a free WEBINAR on 5+ Timeless SEO strategies on how to increase traffic to your blog.

Lots of things have gone on in the blogosphere since the Panda updates – all 6 of them. Yeah, there has been more than one and another is on its way!

I will discuss things that have changed and things that have not and most likely never will.

I spent the day working on my power point slides for