Complete Hands-On Blogging – April 24, 2010 – in Sunnyvale, CA

Got blog?

How’s your blog doing?

Not a few of you have already signed up for the 2nd Blog Workshop on Saturday, April 24, 2010.

Details -

Many of you will also have an opportunity to attend a workshop being organized in your area as well, albeit a bit beyond April 24th – June in Sacto, July in Fremont and …

My take on this April 24th workshop is that it is a prequel to the first blog workshop.

The first one addressed – how to use blogging as a platform, to get traffic and the earning potential. It was the ‘meat’ or whatever else you might put in a sandwich so to speak.

This next workshop is the two slices of bread – How to get started, the mechanics of posting, inserting links, images, media and scheduling…. And how to build your network, add links to your books and make some money…

Content, Social Media Marketing Expert at Asian Festival of Children’s Content in 3 Languages | Bill Belew in Sinagpore

It’s tough enough to find somebody who is an expert in content and social media marketing much less find someone who can do it in 3 languages. I can. I will be speaking at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content in Singapore in May/June at the invitation of the National Library of Singapore. I have…

3 reasons why a blog is a good for your book, business or product

I heard the phrase a while ago (and I believe it), any idiot can write a book, but it takes a genius to market it.

A corrollary to that, or at least a related thought… there are lots and lots of good products and business ideas…but what good are they if nobody knows about them?

The number one reason why businesses fail – the people running the company don’t