Shortcomings in PPC campaign make your business baffled

It’s true that one can make a lot of money through PPC campaign for a business but on the other hand, if it is full of some flaws, then it can also leave your business baffled. Read on to find how some shortcomings in PPC campaign can make your business baffled. Often being overconfident about the Google AdWords for its PPC campaign leaves people puzzled with their own business. It’s essential to update yourself with the latest…

What it takes to be a Video Game Problogger

One of the key characteristics of a problogger is, well, and this may be a ‘duh’ factor, but I say it because you’d be surprised at who writes about what under auspices of being the expert.

Example: I have seen some really big people giving diet advice.

Here’s an image of Wilby getting into character.

No contest, Mario Bros was one of the pioneers in video gaming.

I confess, I have NOT played a video game, and I will date myself here,

The Traffic Professor, Bill Belew, speaks at High Desert Branch of California Writers Club

The Traffic Professor will be speaking at the High Desert Branch of the California Writers Club (scroll down) on October 8th, 2011. If you live in/near the area, please come out to meet me, ask questions, learn more about blogging, platform building or to just chill. My topic is Blogging as a platform for writers, still…