4 steps to be a successful travel blogger

One wonders what it takes to be a successful travel blogger.

Some wonder what it takes to be a successful blogger in any niche.

Problogger Wilby knows the answer…what it takes to be a good travel blogger, what it takes to be a successful (choose your niche) blogger.

1. Experience counts. Lots of bloggers what to claim authority in their chosen niche when in truth they just read and regurgitate stuff from elsewhere on the net. A real travel blogger has experience. NomadicMatt is a good example of an experienced travel blogger. He has a good following but could use some SEO help.

2. Sitting in a chair counts. It’s one thing to have the know how and

6 reasons why dealing with controversy can increase traffic and income

I am a Christian and totally unashamed of the fact. I do not welcome controversy but sometimes it finds me. And, I will not shy away when it comes to defending my faith. That’s not the point of this post, however.

I wrote an article – The ABCs of Evolution.

And, oh my goodness, the atheists came out of the woodwork. Traffic for the post zoomed and with that income as well.

The atheists (they hate me. This puzzles me because I do NOT hate them. I just think they are wrong about a few things.)

Many people commented at the above post – I reckon they were atheists because of the content of the comments. They then posted a link in “we hate fundies” and “Christians are do dos” and other such sites. So much so that those people came to yell at me, too! They even blamed my

What it takes to be a Video Game Problogger

One of the key characteristics of a problogger is, well, and this may be a ‘duh’ factor, but I say it because you’d be surprised at who writes about what under auspices of being the expert.

Example: I have seen some really big people giving diet advice.

Here’s an image of Wilby getting into character.

No contest, Mario Bros was one of the pioneers in video gaming.

I confess, I have NOT played a video game, and I will date myself here,