Cooperative Inbound Marketing

Cooperative Inbound Marketing

Co-op Inbound Marketing makes it work better for everyone!

Inbound Marketing is where you publish large amount of relevant content on your website, in small chunks, at frequent intervals, and the content is optimized with keywords which we have determined through keyword analysis have the best combination of search volume, commercialization, and a low enough level of competition.

Effective inbound marketing is INCREDIBLY effective.

Here is how I became an evangelist…

I learned how to do this a little over two years ago.

After five months of effort, here are the results I experienced:

  • 53 fold increase in monthly web site visitors (from 117 to 6,316)
  • 41 fold increase in monthly web site page views (from 268 to 10,995)
  • 30 fold increase in quality leads (from 1 per month to 1 per day)
  • Doubling of our close rate (from 1 in 10………. to 1 in 5)

However, there is a problem (don’t worry, there is also a solution).

Effective inbound marketing is expensive.

We do this for larger businesses (who typically have annual revenues of $1M+). We are one of the least expensive inbound marketing services around and a year long effort to generate high quality leads for your business will run you about $19K.

That is beyond the budget of most small businesses.

The solution is Cooperative Inbound Marketing

Rather than publish the relevant content on your website, we publish it on one of ours and we aggregate the publishing of content for multiple businesses.

Because of the way inbound marketing works, by cooperatively aggregating the publishing, the more businesses who join a co-op, the more value each member gets.

Typically, when you double the publishing schedule of a website, you attract five times as much traffic.

I do not know why this true, but I know it is true. We’ve seen this over and over.

The best part is….

For inbound marketing your monthly contribution is$1,495.

For cooperative inbound marketing your monthly contribution can be as low as $199 (it depends on how many businesses join a copy, the more that join, the cheaper for each). Well within the marketing budget of any small business.

To discuss joining us, contact us now.



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