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A list of topic ideas – I can do any/all or some combination of the below.

Strategies to Master Content Marketing

Title: Understanding the Difference Between Online, Inbound, Social Media and Content Marketing

Description: First things first – let’s understand what we are trying to do. We want the phone to ring, email inquiries to come in, contact forms filled out and people to walk through the door. Which marketing strategy will deliver those kinds of results. How can I know?

Title: Hard Proof that Content Marketing Strategies Work – Open Dashboard Case Studies

Description: Can we please get beyond the theory of how things are supposed to work? Is there any hard proof as in actual results from real, recent and relevant case studies? Show me. Don’t tell me.

Title: 5 Reasons Why a Social Media / Content Marketing Strategy will Beat Social Networking

Description: Look at all the big numbers in the Social Networks. Lots of eyeballs = good marketing opportunity, right? With all the choices where do I start? Is there one method that is better than the others? How can I know? On a limited budget, where should I start?

Title: Long, Deep, Well-researched articles vs Short To-the-Point Regular Updates – Who Gets More Eyeballs?

Description: Content Marketers differ on the best strategy. Can someone please clear away the clutter and tell us which strategy works best? Proof, please.

Workshop – How to Come Up with a Large Volume of Quality Content

Hands on – When we do more does it mean that quality must suffer? Is longer, deeper always better? How can I come up with a never-ending deep pool of ideas to feed my would-be customers and keep my site fresh?

Workshop – How to Laser Focus Your Website to Get the Best Content Marketing Results

Hands on – Can the would-be client find me? Do I know what I want them to find? Do I know what I want the would-be client to do when they come to my site? Can I articulate my Call-to-Action? No theory. Results.

Workshop – Creating the Ideal Search Engine Page

Hands on – There are 220 parameters that go into a perfect page. There are 10 that will give you 90-95% of the results you want. What are the 10? How do I do them? Let’s open up the dashboards and start creating solid content and get real feedback.

Workshop – Developing a Measurable Marketing Strategy

Hands on  – Let’s determine a real strategy with attainable goals and a means to measure our efforts and our results. How can I know that what I am doing is working? And where I need to make changes?

Workshop – Building a Network of Link-minded Marketers for Best Results and Accountability

Hands on – If we are all marketers with like-minded aims, shouldn’t we be talking to one another. A fundamental of being found by search engines is to have already been found. Lets build a network right here, right now that will bring instant results.

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