I lived in Asia (Japan, China, Russia, India) for many years. It is there where I learned my work ethic.

Change Your World

Change Your World

I am a no-nonsense fellow with hard data that proves that what I do works. I will chat with you for a while, but then you’ll have to get out your checkbook. 😎

I know what it takes to change your world. I can get people to take a look at your book, to fill out your contact form, to call you. I cannot make them buy.

If you do what I say, you will have more quality leads.

If you are happy where you are, you don’t need me. If you want to learn what works and what doesn’t, hit the button. 

I can speak to you, your group, your conference, your marketing team.

I speak on cruise ships, I speak in Singapore, I speak in Manila,  I speak in Thailand, I speak in Kuala Lumpur. I speak in Cape Town. I speak in the middle of the Carribean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. I speak all over the US.

Call me. You know you want to.


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