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Lead generation standard packages

Lead generation standard packages

Many people expect Inbound Marketing to produce dramatic results for very little time, money, and effort.

It absolutely generates dramatic results, but it’s not as quick, cheap, and easy as some people want.

When your business needs results, you pay, one way or another.

Either you give us money every month to do it for you, or you give us much less money to learn how to do it yourself, then you spend your time and effort to make it work. Either way, Inbound Marketing results require an expenditure of some combination of your time and money.


Does your business have annual revenue of $1M or more?

If so, Inbound Marketing probably makes sense for you.

With this service you pay us a nominal fee per post, a monthly fee per visitor who arrives via organic search, and a monthly fee per website conversion.

You should expect to budget somewhere between $1K and $4K per month, with a minimum publishing commitment of 12 months.

Does your business have annual revenue of $500,000 or less?

If so, Inbound Marketing University makes sense for you.

For a tuition fee $990, you join a 16 week class where we teach you in enormous detail how to do this for yourself. We know you can do it as we’ve taught others.

Anyone can start at any time, classes can be attended in person in Mountain View, CA or via webinar.

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