Online lead generation.

Online Lead Generation is cheaper than any other form.

Does your business have more customers than you want?

If so, you have no need to read further.

If not, please read further.


How is Inbound Marketing different?

Inbound Marketing is fundamentally different from traditional marketing.

  • Inbound Marketing is also called Content Marketing,
    • and is sometimes called Search Engine Optimization
    • although SEO is often used to describe nothing more than verifying website settings
    • which is NOT the same as Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing can bring your business a steady stream of high quality prospects, which is inherent in the nature of how it works.

To learn more about how we bring your business customers via Inbound Marketing, contact us now.

How does it work?

  1. We publish large quantities of content to your website, in small chucks, at frequent intervals, and that content is optimized for specific keyword phrases we have previously determined have the proper levels of; relevance to your business, search and traffic levels, commerciality, and competition.
  2. People go online looking for things, and when they look for what you sell, they find your website, which is designed to both attract web visitors, and to nudge them into becoming prospects.
How do we do it?
We have systemized the process of publishing content to your website that:
  • Strikes the right balance between appearing interesting to the search engines and being interesting to people.
  • Is written to nudge your website visitors into becoming prospects, which is to say into contacting you to learn more about your products and/or services.

We have two programs:

Inbound Marketing: We publish content to your website and generate leads from your website. This option is best for companies that currently have sales of $1M+ and are looking to generate more leads online.

Inbound Marketing University: We teach you how to do this yourself. This will cost you much less money, but requires much more of your time and effort.

Please look at pricing for our standard packages, then contact us to discuss doing this for your business.
Click here for a copy of our Inbound Marketing ROI Worksheet.



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