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January 2012

5 Most Useful Ways to Increase Your Email Subscribers

This guest post is by Adelicia Davies

Most bloggers do not know this, but getting more email subscribers is the best way to make more money from your blog.

Making money from blog

Making money from blog

Consider the statistics – People who buy products advertised in email they get spend 138% more than other people. Also, 44% of email recipients buy at least one item a year from promotional emails they get.

The question now is how to grow your email list? You can focus on five main techniques, or methods which are given below:

1. Subscribe Box: Many bloggers make the mistake of putting ads prominently and hiding the subscribe box somewhere down below in the sidebar or in the footer. Instead, put a big box up top and in front of the visitor. Hammer them with the box on every page and in multiple locations on each page.

2. Incentive: You do not have to pay anyone to get them to subscribe to your list. But you can create something useful that they get free when they sign up. This can be a free eBook, downloadable software or a discount coupon or something related to your blog that might be considered to be of some value.

3. Human Face: People respond to and connect with a human face, rather than a site name or anonymous site administrator. Put a photo and a name next to the box, and add a personal appeal wherein the human face asks visitors to subscribe.

4. Maintaining Loyalty: It is not just sufficient to convince visitors to subscribe. You also need to take care of your existing subscribers with interesting and useful newsletters. Just sending them a newsletter filled with ads or product copy is not going to help. Each newsletter should make them want to eagerly await the next one. This is the same as publishing interesting posts on your blog to maintain reader loyalty.

5. Tracking: Use embedded analytics code to track the response to each newsletter. Find out what is working and make sure you know when a specific newsletter ends up reducing the number of subscribers. This will tell you what you are doing right and what should not be done.

Some bloggers sell email lists to third-parties, while a business blog will simply use it to build customer loyalty, provide product updates, increase brand awareness and sell more products. But, it only works if you have enough visitors and a big email subscriber list.


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