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July 2016

Adsense Tips for Bloggers – Time Tested Tips and Tricks

This is a guest post by Mark Franco

Adsense program by Google is one of the widely used online tool to make money trough advertisement. These are scores of users who have made thousands of Dollars and at the same time, there are others who are yet to earn anything from it.

For getting more insights, read Revenue Shares for Adsense for Content & Adsense for Search.

Adsense still is a very powerful tool for someone who is new to the world of making money online.

Here are a few tips for both first time as well as old bloggers to make money with Adsense.

  1. Ignore keywords that promise you big bucks: Overall evaluation says that advertisements that promise 3$ per click for 4 times a day make less money than Advertisements that give 0.20 $, but get 100s of clicks every day. Don’t go for the Gold rush. Have patience and work systematically.
    Websites like Weblogs Inc increased their Blog Ad Revenue from $200 to $3000 a day.

    Websites like Weblogs Inc increased their Blog Ad Revenue from $200 to $3000 a day.

  2. More the Content, the better it is: Though the doors of Google are open to all, Google is highly partial to websites that have lots of content in them. SO go for sites with 4 different categories rather than going for 4 sites with 5 pages each.
  3. Strike a balance between Ad’s and content: Don’t put only the advertisements on your website. Allow sufficient place for the content as well. Experts say that nearly 70 percent of the space should be given for the content. The remainder of the space is sufficient for placing more advertisements.
  4. Place your advertisements smartly: Experts believe that link Ads should be placed near the navigation menu of the website and block ads should be placed near the content. Vertical ads should be used near side bar and short ads should be placed near the space for comments and feedback. Learn more by reading 4 keys to good Adsense placement on your blog. 
  5. Test Google Algorithm: Many users test Google Algorithm and exploit it to attract more subscribers. However it is only a temporary solution as Google is frequently changing its basic Algorithm. In one of his previous posts, Bill has mentioned that 75% of the blogs are abandoned by Google after 3 months.
  6. Search Engine Optimization: One can also take help of Search Engine Optimization and make a keyword based effort to increase traffic.  Continuously optimize your website with newer and fresher content.

The above tips and tricks are time tested and should help new bloggers to increase more traffic and monetize their website.

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