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January 2012

Margaret Thatcher’s tip on finding your blogging voice


I knew a preacher once who’s favorite line was “If you aren’t you, who’s going to be you?” I am not sure what that had to do with anything in the Bible, but that is a different story.

I am in the process of reading Ronald Reagan’s memoir. Yeah, I know. He has been gone for a while.

One of Reagan’s best friends on the world stage was Margaret Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher has a famous quip that I think helps define voice for a blogger.

Margaret Thatcher's blogging tip on voice
Margaret Thatcher’s blogging tip on voice

“People who stand in the middle of the road get hit by traffic going in both directions.”

Others would say, “Get off the fence.”

My dad would say, “Poop (not his words) or get off the pot.”

That’s the thing about blogging. It doesn’t take long for readers to figure out you are trying to be like someone else.

Readers can tell when you are afraid of controversy. Please check out 6 reasons why dealing with controversy can increase traffic and income to learn why I can’t imagine why anyone would want to avoid controversy.

Readers will know when you are not being you, are trying to be someone else, trying to appease them or are just fishing for traffic.

The gist – make up your mind, say what you want to say, say it in your own words, be you…. and use your own voice. Or as the preacher would say, “Be you, because if you are not you, who will be you.”


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