Samantha Hu’s professional profile can be seen at, yup, at LinkedIn.

Take a look at Current – she handles the cash accounting for Stanford Children’s Health … no small matter since it’s 8 figures monthly, nine figures yearly!

It’s just a matter of time before she’ll be handling that much money for

Okay, probably not. So, don’t hold your breath.

Samantha was a top-notch, award-winning fashion designer in China before she reinvented herself, did a do over, in an entirely different culture and language. And landed somewhere near the top in another field (accounting) not in her MBA major (operations management). Who does that?

We have an amazing little girl, Mia, who has her own blog and close to 10,000 unique organic visits and 20K page views. Mia writes at How I Learned to Be Me. Her topic – Growing up and Parenting Bi-Cultural Chinese-American Children in Silicon Valley.

Sammy loves photography.

Samantha really does keep in the black.