Testimonials about Content Marketer, Bill Belew

Here are some of the comments I have received regarding my workshops and consulting:

“I first met Bill at one of his Meet Ups and it became clear right off the bat that he knew content marketing inside and out.  I decided to work with him one-on-one to learn more about content marketing and how I can apply it to my website and work as a novelist.  Turns out was the best decision I made!  I am building a solid audience on my website which is seeing an organic growth of double to triple over previous periods.  To top it off, shortly after, I created a solid marketing strategy for my novel and signed with a literary agent for my debut novel!  Thank you, Bill!”  Priyanka Yadvendu.

“I met Bill in 2007. We were both living our dream of getting food on our tables through writing. He was doing it exceptionally great and I had a lot to learn from him. That’s because he knows a lot about driving traffic to a website, be it an already established website or a new one. In all honesty, Bill knows stuff!” Alex I. Bucharest, Romania

“Excellent presentation: Presenter’s style + generous information are appreciated. Great coverage w/ direct answers, humor & stories. The actual demo during Q&A was most helpful. Thank you.” Maria A., Santa Clara, CA

“The presentation was fabulous. Bill was engaging, interesting and passionate. I learned a ton and look forward to hearing more.” Vickie M., Monterey, CA

“Bill Belew has mastered: “how to bring sustainable 1Mil+ monthly visitors to your blog & make living.”  Though we’ve been running blogs for years, in only short two meeting Bill has helped us in transforming our blog; where to some of his pointers we’ve said “Wow, that’s incredible…” In the space of only a couple of months, our blog traffic has doubled and our ad-sense earning became more than 2x. Trust me, Bill Belew is who you need if you want to make your blog go from zero to hero.”  Al J. eBay

“Thank you for the very useful handouts. Great! Great information. Thank you.” Cathy B., Cupertino, CA

“When I met Bill Belew I could barely spell BLOG, but with his help my blog has gone from a vague dream to one of the top 1% of blogs world-wide.  I cannot recommend Bill highly enough for technical and inspirational guidance.”
Richard S., Fremont CA

“Excellent workshop! Bill was direct and on point. Though I came from a different meetup group, I was so impressed I decided to join Bill’s group. The room was overflowing and many stayed to ask Bill questions….” Sarah, K., Oakland, CA

“You have a great sense of humor and an easy public speaking technique!” Ted B., Campbell, CA

“Your presentation full of great nuggets and very applicable advice needed to be shared outside the Sassy room – it was AWESOME!” Karmen R., Campbell, CA

“ I stayed awake for the entire class! ” Gene B. Sunnyvale, CA

“ I especially like your handouts.  At first I thought it was silly that you had a fill in the blank format but that is what kept me engaged for the whole class.”  Jake B., Mountain View, CA

“Overall, very informative + entertaining presentation. Thank you!” Dave L., San Jose, CA

“Let’s just say that after attending two lectures from Bill Belew, this one for the second time (I lost my notes from the first one), I am now a die hard Bill Belew groupie!!! When Bill Belew speaks, I take good notes, and I suggest you do too!”  Kevin C., Saratoga, CA

“Lots of information. I came with my sister who knows a lot more about the subject than I do. We both came away with useful information. The speaker was passionate, well-informed, and gave away as much information as he could in the time allotted,” Marjorie J., Berkeley, CA.

“I can’t think of anything else, my mind is overwhelmed at the moment. I’m glad I got up early to be here.” Rick B., Santa Clara, CA

“I thoroughly enjoyed last evening’s meeting in Palo Alto. Lots of useful content!!! So glad I purchased your book, too. I only wish I hadn’t had to drive 2 hours home after a VERY long and involved day. Also wish you lived closer to Carmel area as I would attend as many of your Meet Ups as possible. BRAVO!”  Hilary C., Palo Alto, CA

“Very informative – it proved so valuable that most of the audience lined up immediately after the talk to buy the presenter’s book,” Bob Q., San Miguel, Mexico

“All the content was great! Very well organized and helpful. Really got my creative juices flowing.” Anita C., Campbell, CA

“I really believe in Bill’s technique. First of all, they make sense. Second of all, he shows us the proof–the record of hits and page views from his web hosting service. Third, what he proposes is not easy to do. It is simple, but not easy, and that is almost always the case with good advice!” Preeva S. Mountain View, CA

“Great speaker – funny and informative. Useful and valuable information,” Monica P., Indianapolis, IN

“All was helpful! I was so tired this morning that I almost didn’t attend. I’m sooo glad I did.”  Katie B. San Francisco, CA

“I have finally found a perfect platform to share my thoughts with others. Thank you very much. Now, how do I go about paying for your service?” Debbie B., Sacramento, CA
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