Problogger Wilby is the Traffic Professor

For those of you who want specific answers to hard questions, I recommend you go directly to

Get 10 K

At Get10K I go into great detail what it takes – by word count, post count, day count – to get

10K visitors 

to your web or blog site in its life time, in a year, in a month, in a day, in an hour or in a minute. In a second? Not yet, but I am working on it.

Get 10 K has already been successfully launched and quite a few people are on their way to their first one million unique visitors.

More updates to Get 10 K are on their way. But you can start now and at the best rate I can offer.

There’s a couple of freebies for all those who Like my Facebook page.

  1. Tommie

    The audio on the link worked great but there was no video. (?)

    • The video should have opened up into a separate window on your desktop.

      Please give it another try. I am sure it is there.

      If not, let me know and we will look into it.

      • Tommie

        I tried RealPlayer, Windows media player and Quick time player. None of them produced a picture. I may be my very old laptop however, other videos play on my computer so I don’t think it is.

      • It’s working fine for me, right now. I have a MacBook Pro.

  2. Kristen Emery

    I just watched the video of 4 absolutes to get traffic to your Blog/Website and it was great. The 4 absolutes are not really any secret, they are “duh” as Bill would say. But, he had the numbers to prove that the tips worked!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Kristen.

      The principles of successful blogging are not hard. What is hard is to be faithful to them.

      I wish you well in achieving your traffic goals.


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