Influence Marketers Write

Influence Marketers Write

I have done some writing for some rather large sites. That’s not so important to me. I don’t name drop. If you really want to know, ask.

My Own Original Research

What is important to me is that I do my own original research. You will not find me rehashing what others say. You may find me pointing out that others agree with me.

I taught a full 48-hour class at a fully accredited MBA program at a graduate school in Silicon Valley. I got mountains of data from that class. Long after the fact, others are reaching the same conclusions I reached in that class.

Case Studies

You can read some of the case studies on my site in the Case Study section.

I also have dozens of students who have paid attention … more that have not … and I have learned a LOT from them as well. I share their hard lessons learned here as well. Changing or leaving out the names to protect the innocent.

Seriously, I used to give out names of clients … but they got too many phone calls and subsequently asked me to stop doing that.

I can drop names with the best of them of people I have trained … places I taught – BMW, Ford, Danone, Google, Apple … want more?

It’s not important to me what it is I can do for the big guys. I am more interested in what I can do/teach the every person. You. I can make a difference in your life.

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