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It is not easy, it is not hard, to grow a website to attract traffic, leads, and business.

The hard part is applying old-fashioned principles of hard work: quality, quantity, consistency, longevity.

The hard part is knowing how much and for how long the principles need to be applied before results can be seen.

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Marketing Consultant

I have been to India. The first time it was exotic. Every time after that it was just far away. But I will go to extremes to get things done right.

I know the answer to what works in content marketing and am willing to share. I can tell you how many posts you need to write, how many words, how often to post and for how long and with what elements to includ to ensure search engine findability. I have taken dozens of different and unrelated topics to more than 1 million unique visitors EACH. My students have had similar succes as well. I can teach you how to do it for your topic of choice.

Contact me to set up a 1-on-1 or group-on-1 training.