The Future of WordPress – Wordcamp 2010

I am sitting in San Francisco at the WordCamp 2010. First session – The Future of WordPress.

Trying the live blogging thing.

9:06 – I hope Scott Berkun makes a better impression with his presentation than he does with the language he uses.  No need to use 4 letter words to get a laugh. The F-word. Grow up!

Thomas Paine – the first blogger? Interesting.

9:10 – Gutenberg – the founder of the Internet? Wanted words to be free.

“How I will change the world” – I often think when I write – “Make a difference.”

3 elements for the future of WordPress

1. WordPress is the platform for revolution.

2. What happens before you die?

9:20…not learning anything here….

WordPress buttons are more…more…now up to 57!


Japan Tourism Agency offers 10,000 free tickets to Japan for influential bloggers

I have driven Jaguars, flown across country, interviewed…. all because I am blogger. Here’s another perk for an influential blogger – a free round-trip ticket to Japan. The Japan Tourism Agency is trying to pump some life back into an industry that has been devastated by a very strong yen, earthquakes, tsunamis, melt-downs and 20,000+…